(Dr.) Ruth Thomas-Pellicer

BA in Translation and Interpretation (Catalan, English, Japanese, German), Autonomous University of Barcelona, Catalonia (1996) - BA in Humanities (with Honours), Autonomous University of Barcelona, Catalonia (2000) - PhD in Philosophy (a 'noteworthy' piece as defined by my External Examiner Dr. Patrick Curry), University of Surrey, England (2012) 

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'The dispute over the reality or non-reality of thinking which isolates itself from practice is a purely scholastic question.'

—Karl Marx, 'Theses on Feuerbach', 1845 

'Beyond any other philosophical concerns, the fundamental intuition of Levinas's philosophy is the non-reciprocal relation of responsibility.' 

—Bettina Bergo, ' Emmanuel Levinas' , 2011

I was born in Reus (Catalonia) on 24th March 1974 into a family of shopkeepers. I spent some years fully absorbed in the learning of modern languages —German, Dutch, Japanese, a little Chinese. The language fervour diminished as my interest in contemporary issues —chief among which our self-destruction— increased. This concern led me to explore, to my utter disappointment, the implications of the promise of sustainable development. As a result, I was thrusted into the politics of truth —what passes as real and why this emerging truth is generally barely contested.

All these intellectual exploratory incursions have led me to severe disenchantment. I have realized that at least the Western/ized part of the world is deeply catapulted in a sustained bad patch. Given its hegemonic position, the relentless impetus of Western/ized culture determines the ill-fate of the whole of Tellus, Mother Earth. Yet 'it seems a time of sadness is a time to understand'. My formal and otherwise studies have prompted me not to capitulate to the Zeitgeist. Rather, they are assisting me in articulating myself in order to make a firm stand. The standards have been raised so high that I think that at this point of my trajectory it is no overstatement to assert that my life will make sense to the extent to which I do my best, join hands with co-travellers, and succeed in re-embedding Western/ized tread upon Mother Earth.

Such a comprehensive remit entails not only interrogating but resolutely displacing Western science and philosophy. Similarly, our approach to religion should drop its transcendent edge so that the numinous is again immanently integrated in daily practices. This is at least what I am endeavouring to articulate in the three volumes that, so far, weave post-ecocidal cultures of transpositions and articulate a post-ecocidal turn in the realm of cognition.  

Feel free to contact me for any point of convergence or discussion you may wish to raise. Perhaps you want to draw my attention to prescient or contemporary authors effecting the post-ecocidal turn. With thanks in advance.   

On the other hand, intellectual reflexivity, for all its prime importance, falls short of addressing both our social and embodying condition —or middle- and low-culture as reflexivity is exclusively high-culture, to put it in the parlance developed in my scholarly work. This is the reason why I am involved with EcoPaxMundiAgora.org, An International Ecohumanitarian Organization, that seizes the opportunity that depopulated rural areas offer us, often following the practice of industrial agriculture, to craft carbon-negative living.    

As my faith in the altermondialiste movement is wholly, I am a financially supporting member of the honest labour carried out by the Red Cross —the main inspiring source of EcoPaxMundiAgora.org, UNHCR, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and UNICEF, United Nation's (International) Children's (and Women's) (Emergency) Fund. Since freedom of speech is no less relevant I also support the free journalism ensured by the left-wing  British newspaper The Guardian, which kept me up to date with the world during my doctoral times and still does so now on the online version. Additionally, I support ad hoc campaings mounted by the likes of AVAAZ, The World in Action; SumOfUs.org; Change.org350.orgGofossilfree.org; Friends of the Earth, mobilize, resist, transform Conservation International; and SOSVOX, tools for change. No doubt, we are undergoing a quiet revolution slowly but surely penetrating the very veins and bowels of industrial capitalism. I hope you too can perceive this building of a Another —truly peaceful— World for Tellus and Her creatures and can preserve the hope in this miraculous process!